Co2 Termite Detection System
( Termite )
  • Pinpoint accuracy, we ensure no termite is being miss!
  • Uses infrared optics with a lifetime sensor to create a portable system that will detect the extremely small amounts of gases put off by termites
  • Its superior combination of sensitivity, speed, flexibility and portability provides a detection capability for both drywood and subterranean termites surpasses by none
  • Self-calibrating; no special set up is required
  • Environmentally safety
Termite Thermal Imaging
( Termite )
  • Able to detect termites quickly and accurately
  • Able to “See” and “Read” through house’s walls, floorboards and ceilings, uncovered hidden problems that may go undetected in an ordinary visual inspection
  • Reduce the future risks of termite infestations
  • Minimize the environmental and public health effects of termite control
Termatrac® T3i
( Termite )
  • The Termatrac®T3i is the most advanced termite detection device in the world
  • With patented radar detection, a remote thermal sensor plus a pinpoint accurate moisture sensor, the 3-in-1 device is the ultimate tool for the professional pest management technician
  • It detects, confirms and tracks the presence of termites through an ingenious combination of cutting edge radar technology, backed by thermal and moisture sensors
  • An easy to use tool that assists you in getting the job done confidently
  • The T3i also lets you capture site data for on or off site analysis
  • The use of fewer chemicals results in a positive environmental benefit
  • It removes the fear of failing to identify the presence of termites
Superheated Dry Steam
( Bed Bugs )
  • Able to deliver complete removal of infestation in only one session
  • Time-efficient
  • Lower negative environmental impact compared to other disinfesting chemicals available in the market
  • Capable of eliminating adult insects, larvae, and eggs by sending them into thermal shock
  • The process started when steam is generated inside a typical boiler, then superheated inside a specific nozzle (patented worldwide by Polti) up to a maximum temperature of 180 degree celsius
  • Upon the release of steam, it is mixed with HPMed sanitizing liquid, a water and alcohol-based solution containing sodium metasilicate and sodium carbonate, which is safe for humans to inhale
Lexikon Integrated Inspection System (LIIS)
( General Pest )
  • Non-Contact and Non-Invasive Technique
  • Give full image of the situation we cannot see with our naked eye
  • Identify and pinpoint the problems
  • Monitor and diagnose the condition of building structures, pest infestations, as well as moisture, mould and fungus growth
  • Detect various targets from 500m (1600 ft.) to 1500m (4900 ft)
  • Fast and Real Time
  • Save valuable time and money